Star Wars: Continuing The Saga Even After Nine Movies

One of the top high grossing film and blockbuster hit films is the Star Wars. It was a movie that had a lot of sequels, with a lot of stories and exciting scenes and characters. The story circulates on the Jedis or the peacemakers in the universe of Star Wars.

What are the Jedis?

The Jedis are expert swordsman, trained and educated for combat, and for defending the innocent. Their training and experience made them extremely unmatched in the field of combat. Once they have reached the expert level, they possess and practice the power of the force, a telekinetic power that allows them to move or throw objects or draw it to them. Jedis are also good negotiators as they were educated to do so, and they played a significant role in the story.

What is the story of Star Wars?

The movie is a story of a galaxy far away who wanted to settle the conflict between the Trade Federation and the people of Naboo. Because of the impending turmoil in the galaxy, the Jedis were sent for an important mission; negotiation and to rescue the Queen of Naboo, which is Padme Amidala.

Then the Jedis stumbled upon the young Anakim Skywalker when their vessel was damaged. He was an orphan during that time and a good pilot too. Later he was believed to be the prophesied chosen one that would eventually bring the force into balance.

However, the galaxy had lots of conflicts and political issues that sparked so many wars in the galaxy. The Star Wars movie was filled with wars. But of course, there are love stories and other stuff that might inspire you.

Will the Saga Continue?

Just as how vast that galaxy far away is, so is its story. The story can jump from one section or focus on one person or group of people to another. You just can’t fit the entire story in one film like the Avengers movie where they need to have separate movies for Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, The Hulk, and more.

Well, in this new trilogy, after their three-year break, they set up one to focus on the Skywalkers, which will launch in 2022. The next movies were planned to launch in 2024 and another in 2026. So we still have long years of watching and anticipating the following story that will come out. If you haven’t watched the star wars yet or you have missed some of its movies, we suggest you should start watching them before you watch the new one that will come out.

Do More People Go To Theaters, Or Wait To Stream Movies?

We spend a lot of our time watching movies. There are times that we can even call it a hobby. Something that we do in our free time simply because we enjoy it. What is not to love watching movies? We all end up seeing what we want and enjoying. It also helps us pass the time. There are people that can’t fall asleep if they do not play a movie on the background.

If you love movies or know people who love movies, there are at least two questions that would always go on our heads. What to watch and where to watch. For the movie choice, then it will all depend on your mood. There are times that we love a movie simply because it is entertaining. Whatever the reason is, choosing a movie would always be because of what you feel that day.

Where to watch? This should not a problem two decades ago. However, given how technology has taken off in today’s time, we know have to choose if we want to watch movies on movie theaters or simple stream for them online. Yes, there are people who would rather just wait and stream online to save them time, money and effort. How do they actually decide on this?

You watch a movie at a theatre if you planned and waited for that movie. A movie that you are into or was excited about seeing the moment the first trailer came out. You go to a theatre for a blockbuster or one of the best action films. This is because you want to enjoy the movie for what it is. For blockbuster movies, you want to follow a trend and enjoy the movie on a big screen with a 7.1 surround system. For action movies, well we all know that the best action films, superhero movies or any movies with some great sequence are better off being watched at a theatre.

We tend to stream movies online if we are bored or simply busy. There are a lot of things that might go on our schedule and if that movie does not pique our interest that much, we would simply wait for it online.

It is still a matter of personal choice. We also tend to go to theatres to watch a movie especially if we go out on a date with someone. This is one of the less awkward places to go on a date on because you will have a lot of ice breakers that you can use.

Classic TV Shows Online: They’re Easy To Find

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…

Without finishing the rest of those lyrics, chances are everyone in the 30+ crowd is familiar with the classic, wholesome, family-friendly experience that is Gilligan’s Island. For those of you who are now nostalgic for better days, and the rest of you who are curious what better days looked like, you might be itching to go find a copy of this classic tv show, among dozens of others, to enjoy during your Friday night movie’n’chill. Which of course means everyone is now asking: where can I watch classic tv shows for cheap – or better yet, for free?

Hidden In Plain Sight

Free movie streaming sites may be a point of contention for some, but we are not here to talk the legal embattlement of sites such as (this time). In your search for free tv, especially on older tv shows that aren’t necessarily popular on big-name pay-to-stream sites that are constantly gearing toward younger and younger audiences, it can be hard to know where to look. has your solution. It’s easy, free to use, legal hassle-free (for users, anyway), and has thousands of classic tv episodes dating all the way back to the beginning of good tv. While a search of your favorite classic show will bring up big-name streaming giants and pay-per-view sites, free streaming sites such won’t pop up – because it doesn’t provide a huge profit to studios and producers. However, if you’re looking for the best limited-advertisement, easy-to-use free streaming websites for all your classic favorites, a quick jaunt over to will make all of your wildest dreams come true (or something inspirational like that).

While it’s possible to watch your favorite old shows online for free, you still have to know where to look to truly get a free, high-definition experience – and where to look is right beneath your nose.

…that started from this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship…

Stars Who Do Their Own Stuntwork In Action Movies

There are different reasons why people love watching movies. There are those who watch movies of their favorite actors while there are those who love different movie genres. One of the most popular genres is action. The action movies are loved by both men and women as there are good story lines that both genders love. The stunts is what makes it thrilling. But have you ever wondered if the stunts were actually done by the actors or are there doubles? Read on and learn about actors doing their actual stunts.

Get to Know the Stars

The action movies can be very entertaining. One can get overwhelmed by the action that is displayed plus the story behind it. This is the reason why people loved such movies. Popular actors have tried this genre of movie. There are stars who actually do their stuntwork. Here are some of the stars who do their own stunts:

1) Tom Cruise

2) Kirsten Stewart 

3) Arnold Schwarzenegger

4) Chloe Grace Moretz

5) Daniel Craig

6) Christian Bale

7) Harrison Ford 

8) Jason Statham

9) Angelina Jolie

10) Jackie Chan

Mentioned are ten of the most popular stars who did their own stunts. There are instances like in the  case of Jackie Chan, he choreographs the fight scenes in all of his movies. It has become so evident as he can show proof of his stunts through the injuries that he has.

Other than being stunt choreographers, there are artists who were stuntment in the past before they got their break in showbusiness. They have been absorbed in the movies because of their talent in acting as well.

Doing their own stunts greatly contribute to the realistic factor of a movie. There are instances that stuntmen/women do not resemble the actor which can make the movie unrealistic. It is an advantage if actors do their own stunt. It would be fine if there are actors who do not do their own stunts for safety reasons. However, being realistic is what makes a movie well-loved and popular.

It is not a joke being an actor and a stuntman all at the same time. You have prioritize your safety above all else. The movie will come in second which is why there are stuntment that are being hired.

Watching your favorite actor doing their own stunts can be very admirable and will definitely all flavor to the movie that they are doing.

Is It Legal To Watch Movies Streaming Online?

Watching movies has been one of our favorite past times. We, as human beings, love the idea of a good story. It does not matter what niche it belongs to. You might be into drama, comedy or even horror. There are times that we love a certain movie because we can relate to the plot of the movie. There are also times wherein we love a certain movie because it is simply entertaining. At the end of the day, it will be up to your subjective preference.

One of the hottest topics about the internet nowadays would be streaming movies online. The majority of us love everything that is for free. This is the same reason why movie sites like 123movies new site generate a lot of viewers. The best part, they have copies of the most updated movies. Now, why does this topic generate a lot of attention? The answer is simple. People are asking if it is legal or not.

Cam cording is illegal. Running a site showing cam corded movies or uploading movies without the permission of the actual creator is also considered illegal. However, as consumers, the majority of us do not get fined for this. The concept is, we found it online, it is for free and we decided to click on it. Some countries have strict laws regarding it that include the consumers.

The argument would always generate traction from the public eye because it is a matter of morality. If you are a fun of the said movie, it will be your moral obligation to pay money to watch that movie. However, some people want to save money or cannot afford to pay for it. This is why they would prefer to watch it online. Given the prices of watching a movie at a movie theatre or simply watching online on a paid site, who can blame them? The majority of the world’s population does not earn five to six figures a month.

The major reason why we love to watch movies is to simply enjoy it. Whatever you decide on, that would be your personal preference. The internet is free in most parts of the world. No one can stop you if you decide to watch it. If you are tech-savvy enough, even in countries with strict rules, you can still do it by masking your IP address. Now, if you do not want to deal with the hassle and you simply have the money or can simply afford it, then, by all means, show support by going to actual movie theaters or purchasing the movie online. The common misconception of streaming a movie is that it is free. There are actual sites that you can visit that would sell HD copies of these movies. Some of us, if not all, prefer to watch the movie on HD quality. We want to enjoy the movie and have the best viewing experience possible.

Is Paramount Really Making A New Top Gun Movie?

The Top Gun movie has been one of the most successful American air force action movies since time and memorial. Of course, with the presence of Tom Cruise, who is one of the most leading male actors today, it undoubtedly has become very popular.

But after will there be another Top Gun movie? Will it be the same story, the same actor (Tom Cruise), and the same experience? Well, get ready for some dogfighting, zoom action because Top Gun is back.

Why is it called Top Gun?

The title of the movie defines the action in it. It’s called Top Gun because the fight is in the sky. It’s about airplanes carrying big guns on the sky, shooting down enemies on both in the air and ground.

The Top Gun 2 Maverick Movie

The title of the new Top Gun Movie is Top Gun 2 Maverick. Created by Paramount Pictures, this movie sure relieved the legendary Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. It’s out in the trailers right now and is expected to launch by June 24, 2020. It’s a story of the return of the Maverick, training younger generations the art of dog fight and survival. In the end, it’s all about family, standing for the ones you love, and protecting them.

Therefore, Paramount Pictures has indeed created a new Top Gun movie and will create a brand new experience for the audience. Now with the state of the art technology and high tech cameras, viewers will experience a different kind of action that will surely make them hold their seats.

So what’s new in this movie?

We can see a significant difference because the first movie was launched more than three decades ago. Technology has changed, and so is the filmography. Also, as well as the experience of the actors and directors of the film.

For instance, one of their highlights is how they provide the audience with a whole new experience inside the jet’s cockpit. They have installed six iMac cameras to capture high-quality footage that no one has experienced before.

Also, what makes this movie exciting to watch is the new story that would come out in the life of the one they call “The Maverick.” Of course, we will find new characters, new challenges, and new the beginning. But if you have not watched the first Top Gun movie, we suggest you should watch it first. If you have watched it already, but it was a long time ago, maybe you should watch it again.

Do Actresses Really Want To Win Awards For “Supporting” Roles?

Receiving an award for actors is their ultimate achievement. It will give them an edge over other actors and of course, their value as an actor also increases. No matter what kind of award it may be, an award is an award.

One type of award is the supporting role award. The role of a supporting actor is often the sidekick of the lead actor or the second lead actor. This role has its corresponding award and actors seek after this type of award.

Second Best?

When an actor or actress play a supporting role, they do not take it as a second choice, but they take the award as a recognition to their craft and receiving it is as if they received the lead role award. In awards, there is no lead roles or second lead roles as any character is as important as the other to make the film beautiful and worth-watching.

A best supporting actress is as important as a best actress award. So, if one might be wondering if actresses want to win supporting awards, the answer is a big yes. It is an achievement for them and a recognition as well.

To prove that actors and actresses love to take supporting role awards, here is a list of popular actors and actresses who received supporting role awards:

1) Meryl Streep for the movie ‘Kramer Vs Kramer’

2) Jack Nicholson for the movie ‘Terms of Endearment’

3) Denzel Washington for the movie ‘Glory’

4) Cate Blanchett for the movie ‘The Aviator’

5) Robert de Niro for the movie ‘The Godfather Part 2’

6) Michael Caine for the movie ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’

7) Jessica Lange for the movie ‘Tootsie’

8) Gene Hackman for the movie ‘Unforgiven’

9) Renee Zellweger for the movie ‘Cold Mountain’

10) Helen Hayes from the movie ‘Airport’

The best supporting actress award is won by many popular actresses and they did not mind at all if it was a supporting role award. Real actors and actresses do not mind much about the award they get. As long as they love what they are doing and they are given due recognition, it is already an achievement for them. It will inspire them to do more films and do their best at their craft.

Awards are but recognition given to actors and actresses. The Academy Awards is an award-giving body that ensures their choices are the choices of the people. Receiving an award from the body is like receiving an award from the people.