The Top Gun movie has been one of the most successful American air force action movies since time and memorial. Of course, with the presence of Tom Cruise, who is one of the most leading male actors today, it undoubtedly has become very popular.

But after will there be another Top Gun movie? Will it be the same story, the same actor (Tom Cruise), and the same experience? Well, get ready for some dogfighting, zoom action because Top Gun is back.

Why is it called Top Gun?

The title of the movie defines the action in it. It’s called Top Gun because the fight is in the sky. It’s about airplanes carrying big guns on the sky, shooting down enemies on both in the air and ground.

The Top Gun 2 Maverick Movie

The title of the new Top Gun Movie is Top Gun 2 Maverick. Created by Paramount Pictures, this movie sure relieved the legendary Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. It’s out in the trailers right now and is expected to launch by June 24, 2020. It’s a story of the return of the Maverick, training younger generations the art of dog fight and survival. In the end, it’s all about family, standing for the ones you love, and protecting them.

Therefore, Paramount Pictures has indeed created a new Top Gun movie and will create a brand new experience for the audience. Now with the state of the art technology and high tech cameras, viewers will experience a different kind of action that will surely make them hold their seats.

So what’s new in this movie?

We can see a significant difference because the first movie was launched more than three decades ago. Technology has changed, and so is the filmography. Also, as well as the experience of the actors and directors of the film.

For instance, one of their highlights is how they provide the audience with a whole new experience inside the jet’s cockpit. They have installed six iMac cameras to capture high-quality footage that no one has experienced before.

Also, what makes this movie exciting to watch is the new story that would come out in the life of the one they call “The Maverick.” Of course, we will find new characters, new challenges, and new the beginning. But if you have not watched the first Top Gun movie, we suggest you should watch it first. If you have watched it already, but it was a long time ago, maybe you should watch it again.

Is Paramount Really Making A New Top Gun Movie?
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