Watching movies has been one of our favorite past times. We, as human beings, love the idea of a good story. It does not matter what niche it belongs to. You might be into drama, comedy or even horror. There are times that we love a certain movie because we can relate to the plot of the movie. There are also times wherein we love a certain movie because it is simply entertaining. At the end of the day, it will be up to your subjective preference.

One of the hottest topics about the internet nowadays would be streaming movies online. The majority of us love everything that is for free. This is the same reason why movie sites like 123movies new site generate a lot of viewers. The best part, they have copies of the most updated movies. Now, why does this topic generate a lot of attention? The answer is simple. People are asking if it is legal or not.

Cam cording is illegal. Running a site showing cam corded movies or uploading movies without the permission of the actual creator is also considered illegal. However, as consumers, the majority of us do not get fined for this. The concept is, we found it online, it is for free and we decided to click on it. Some countries have strict laws regarding it that include the consumers.

The argument would always generate traction from the public eye because it is a matter of morality. If you are a fun of the said movie, it will be your moral obligation to pay money to watch that movie. However, some people want to save money or cannot afford to pay for it. This is why they would prefer to watch it online. Given the prices of watching a movie at a movie theatre or simply watching online on a paid site, who can blame them? The majority of the world’s population does not earn five to six figures a month.

The major reason why we love to watch movies is to simply enjoy it. Whatever you decide on, that would be your personal preference. The internet is free in most parts of the world. No one can stop you if you decide to watch it. If you are tech-savvy enough, even in countries with strict rules, you can still do it by masking your IP address. Now, if you do not want to deal with the hassle and you simply have the money or can simply afford it, then, by all means, show support by going to actual movie theaters or purchasing the movie online. The common misconception of streaming a movie is that it is free. There are actual sites that you can visit that would sell HD copies of these movies. Some of us, if not all, prefer to watch the movie on HD quality. We want to enjoy the movie and have the best viewing experience possible.

Is It Legal To Watch Movies Streaming Online?
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