There are different reasons why people love watching movies. There are those who watch movies of their favorite actors while there are those who love different movie genres. One of the most popular genres is action. The action movies are loved by both men and women as there are good story lines that both genders love. The stunts is what makes it thrilling. But have you ever wondered if the stunts were actually done by the actors or are there doubles? Read on and learn about actors doing their actual stunts.

Get to Know the Stars

The action movies can be very entertaining. One can get overwhelmed by the action that is displayed plus the story behind it. This is the reason why people loved such movies. Popular actors have tried this genre of movie. There are stars who actually do their stuntwork. Here are some of the stars who do their own stunts:

1) Tom Cruise

2) Kirsten Stewart 

3) Arnold Schwarzenegger

4) Chloe Grace Moretz

5) Daniel Craig

6) Christian Bale

7) Harrison Ford 

8) Jason Statham

9) Angelina Jolie

10) Jackie Chan

Mentioned are ten of the most popular stars who did their own stunts. There are instances like in the  case of Jackie Chan, he choreographs the fight scenes in all of his movies. It has become so evident as he can show proof of his stunts through the injuries that he has.

Other than being stunt choreographers, there are artists who were stuntment in the past before they got their break in showbusiness. They have been absorbed in the movies because of their talent in acting as well.

Doing their own stunts greatly contribute to the realistic factor of a movie. There are instances that stuntmen/women do not resemble the actor which can make the movie unrealistic. It is an advantage if actors do their own stunt. It would be fine if there are actors who do not do their own stunts for safety reasons. However, being realistic is what makes a movie well-loved and popular.

It is not a joke being an actor and a stuntman all at the same time. You have prioritize your safety above all else. The movie will come in second which is why there are stuntment that are being hired.

Watching your favorite actor doing their own stunts can be very admirable and will definitely all flavor to the movie that they are doing.

Stars Who Do Their Own Stuntwork In Action Movies
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