We spend a lot of our time watching movies. There are times that we can even call it a hobby. Something that we do in our free time simply because we enjoy it. What is not to love watching movies? We all end up seeing what we want and enjoying. It also helps us pass the time. There are people that can’t fall asleep if they do not play a movie on the background.

If you love movies or know people who love movies, there are at least two questions that would always go on our heads. What to watch and where to watch. For the movie choice, then it will all depend on your mood. There are times that we love a movie simply because it is entertaining. Whatever the reason is, choosing a movie would always be because of what you feel that day.

Where to watch? This should not a problem two decades ago. However, given how technology has taken off in today’s time, we know have to choose if we want to watch movies on movie theaters or simple stream for them online. Yes, there are people who would rather just wait and stream online to save them time, money and effort. How do they actually decide on this?

You watch a movie at a theatre if you planned and waited for that movie. A movie that you are into or was excited about seeing the moment the first trailer came out. You go to a theatre for a blockbuster or one of the best action films. This is because you want to enjoy the movie for what it is. For blockbuster movies, you want to follow a trend and enjoy the movie on a big screen with a 7.1 surround system. For action movies, well we all know that the best action films, superhero movies or any movies with some great sequence are better off being watched at a theatre.

We tend to stream movies online if we are bored or simply busy. There are a lot of things that might go on our schedule and if that movie does not pique our interest that much, we would simply wait for it online.

It is still a matter of personal choice. We also tend to go to theatres to watch a movie especially if we go out on a date with someone. This is one of the less awkward places to go on a date on because you will have a lot of ice breakers that you can use.

Do More People Go To Theaters, Or Wait To Stream Movies?
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