One of the top high grossing film and blockbuster hit films is the Star Wars. It was a movie that had a lot of sequels, with a lot of stories and exciting scenes and characters. The story circulates on the Jedis or the peacemakers in the universe of Star Wars.

What are the Jedis?

The Jedis are expert swordsman, trained and educated for combat, and for defending the innocent. Their training and experience made them extremely unmatched in the field of combat. Once they have reached the expert level, they possess and practice the power of the force, a telekinetic power that allows them to move or throw objects or draw it to them. Jedis are also good negotiators as they were educated to do so, and they played a significant role in the story.

What is the story of Star Wars?

The movie is a story of a galaxy far away who wanted to settle the conflict between the Trade Federation and the people of Naboo. Because of the impending turmoil in the galaxy, the Jedis were sent for an important mission; negotiation and to rescue the Queen of Naboo, which is Padme Amidala.

Then the Jedis stumbled upon the young Anakim Skywalker when their vessel was damaged. He was an orphan during that time and a good pilot too. Later he was believed to be the prophesied chosen one that would eventually bring the force into balance.

However, the galaxy had lots of conflicts and political issues that sparked so many wars in the galaxy. The Star Wars movie was filled with wars. But of course, there are love stories and other stuff that might inspire you.

Will the Saga Continue?

Just as how vast that galaxy far away is, so is its story. The story can jump from one section or focus on one person or group of people to another. You just can’t fit the entire story in one film like the Avengers movie where they need to have separate movies for Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, The Hulk, and more.

Well, in this new trilogy, after their three-year break, they set up one to focus on the Skywalkers, which will launch in 2022. The next movies were planned to launch in 2024 and another in 2026. So we still have long years of watching and anticipating the following story that will come out. If you haven’t watched the star wars yet or you have missed some of its movies, we suggest you should start watching them before you watch the new one that will come out.

Star Wars: Continuing The Saga Even After Nine Movies
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